Moving On to Huron

I’ve moved on.  An odd opening sentence for the first post in over a year, but I needed to break the silence somehow and this seemed to be as good of a way as any.

So yes, as most of you know, I have left my beloved McCombs School of Business to join Huron Consulting Group.  Although to many outside observers, and honestly, to me as well, it seemed like the decision was a sudden one, I think subconsciously I was ready for something bigger, something different.  And not all outside observers were surprised.  Many of my now former colleagues, including my boss, said that they were waiting for it to happen.  Maybe I was projecting something I didn’t even realize.

But I did leave McCombs.  Once again in my career, I left industry to join consulting.  It was a bittersweet departure to be sure.  For one, I loved working at McCombs.  For all of its quirks and challenges, I genuinely enjoyed working with (most) people there.  Beyond that, I finally got to the place where many of the plans and long-range goals I was working on the past few years have come to fruition.  I finally had the executive support to transform the organization in the way I dreamed of.  And I left.

I left because frankly, Huron blew me away.  Everyone I spoke to during the interview process appeared genuine, professional, high competent, and personable.  Plus Huron has a stellar reputation in the industry.  Plus as a company, they have some really incredible expertise and capacity, not only in Salesforce, but across the full spectrum of higher ed technology stack.

So I left McCombs.  And now, I am looking forward to working with all of the different schools that I’ve only briefly spoken with.  I’m leaving friends behind, but I look forward to making new ones.  I’m leaving achievement behind, but I look forward to new ones.

What’s possible is ever fascinating.


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I'd like to have something really impressive to say here, but it's just not in the cards. Maybe later.
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